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Crete: Embrace the Beauty of an Old Civilization

The Greek island of Crete perched at the southern end of the country right in the Mediterranean Sea is acclaimed for its archaeological sites, beaches, mountains, and natural beauty.

Crete’s History at a Glance

The history of Crete dates as far back as over 5,000 years. The earliest traces of civilizations in the area can be traced to the Minoan era lasted from 2,600 BC to 1450 BC. As one of the advanced Greek civilizations, the Minoans were known for building houses, temples, and palaces festooned with colorful frescoes. The writing system they developed called Linear A remains yet to be deciphered to this day.

A Glimpse of the Civilizations of Greece

The Minoans were known as skilled sailors with trade links forged with other eastern Mediterranean civilizations such as Syria and Egypt. Traces of their trade were evident in the Syrian and Egyptian items found on the Greek island.

Another Greek civilization, the Mycenaeans, invaded Crete towards the end of the Minoan era. The Mycenaeans spent several centuries ruling Crete until the Greek tribe of Dorians conquered the island once again. Crete was then divided into a few city-states after the invasion of the Dorians.

Through the centuries, Crete was consecutively ruled by Romans, Byzantines, Venetians, and Ottomans. All these empires left a significant mark on the Greek island which can be seen in the mosques, churches, and forts that remain visible to this day.

Crete played a critical role in the country’s struggle for independence. The Cretans revolted against the Ottomans and joined in the war of independence that paved the way to the rise of Greece the world has come to know today.

A Must-Visit Tourist Destination

As a cradle of European civilization, Crete is now a famous tourist destination where millions flock to every year. The Greek island is home to a plethora of natural and cultural attractions including the idyllic villages snuggled in the mountains, the golden sandy beaches where the sun and sea meet, the Samaria Gorge, and the Minoan palaces of Phaistos and Knossos.

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