Discover Kastellorizo: A Stunning Off the Beaten Path Destination

Discover Kastellorizo: A Stunning Off the Beaten Path Destination

The history of Kastellorizo ​​at a glance

Kastellorizo’s history dates back to ancient times when the Greek island served as a critical base for merchant chips and a maritime port. The Romans, Venetians, the Ottomans, and the British occupied the island through the centuries. Today, tourists can explore the remnants of the ancient Roman City, the ruins of the Medieval castle, and the picturesque villages that hold memories of the past.

The Culture of Kastellorizo

The strategic location of Kastellorizo near Syria and Turkey has a significant influence on its culture. The residents of the island take great pride in their unique dialect and multicultural heritage. Tourists who are embarking on a cultural journey can experience and enjoy the traditional music of the island characterized by distinct instruments like lyre and bouzouki.

Gastronomic Delights of Kastellorizo

Turkish cuisine is heavily evident in Kastellorizo’s culinary journey. Just like other traditional Greek recipes, Kastellorizo ​​dishes are characterized by the use of fresh local produce and ingredients. Traditional Greek cuisine in the region includes seafood, grilled vegetables, local goat cheese and fresh fish. You can also enjoy popular local specialties like almond pastries and baklavas. As expected of Greek gastronomy, the culinary experiences in Kastellorizo are truly one of a kind.

Kastellorizo Cosmetics

Cosmetic products in Kastellorizo are acclaimed for their quality. Creams, lotions, and soaps are made using natural ingredients like honey, lavender, and olive oil. Tourists can buy these local products in shops to bring home a bit of Kastellorizo.

Kastellorizo might not be as famous as other Greek destinations but it is undoubtedly a fascinating destination. With its rich history, local cuisine, and natural cosmetics, this tiny island is the ultimate stop for any traveler craving authenticity. But if you can’t visit ye, you can always check Growy and Tasty to get your hands on locally sourced products from Kastellorizo.

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