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“Growy and Tasty supports small producers and artisans to offer you the authentic flavors of the Mediterranean.”

Transparency, customer service, payment security and the promotion of local crafts are the four pillars of the Growy and Tasty platform.

Founded in Crete, it is aimed at lovers of natural and authentic products from small local producers and artisans. With international delivery coming soon, Growy and Tasty aims to introduce the authentic flavors of the Mediterranean to the four corners of the world.

At Growy and Tasty, transparency is a priority. We are completely open and honest with our customers, offering clear information on the products offered, their origin and their method of production. Our customer service is also attentive to everyone, responding to specific requests in a relatively short time to offer the best possible support.

Payment security is another priority of Growy and Tasty. We work with trusted, quality payment providers to ensure secure transactions. No financial data concerning customers is accessible to us, which further guarantees the confidentiality of personal information.

Growy and Tasty is committed to promoting local crafts, favoring small producers and artisans whenever possible. We value the meticulous work of these artisans and thus contribute to preserving the tradition and authenticity of Mediterranean sea products. Each product is carefully chosen for its quality, taste and respect for the environment.

Growy and Tasty is therefore a committed platform, which values ​​local craftsmanship, transparency, payment security and customer service. A platform that offers healthy, natural and authentic products from the Mediterranean Sea to the delight of gourmets around the world.

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