Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil | 50 cl

A premium organic EVOO, harvested in an environmentally sustainable and consumer-beneficial manner, has a much higher value than olive oil produced without restrictions on cultivation, extraction and storage.

At AKRA MOREA©, we are proud to have been recognized by the DIO (Δ.Η.Ω.), the Control and Certification Organization of Organic Products in Greece, and to have obtained certification for our organic range , thus attesting to our excellence.

This premium organic EVOO reveals complex aromas of various fruits and vegetables. The fruity intensity is similar to that of bitterness and spiciness, revealing an elegance that balances the oil.


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In general, a balanced EVOO is considered best for making sauces, for use as a seasoning or in making lighter dishes. This is because its flavor is milder and delicate, not masking the potency of the other ingredients used in food preparation.

Organoleptic characteristics:

  • The fruit is slightly ripe.
  • Olives harvested between October 15 and the end of November at the latest.
  • High polyphenol content (up to 480 ml per 20 g of product).
  • Filtered to the maximum, leaving no unwanted residue (scum or gossypol).

What to expect from this category:

  • Pure and light oil texture;
  • Lively but stable flavor;
  • Moderate spices;
  • Slightly balanced bitterness;
  • Ideal for raw use in salads, vinaigrettes, sauces, seafood and fish dishes.

Additional information


Glass bottle


Green, White

Ingrédients / composition


Pays de production


Producteurs / Artisans

Akra Morea Olive Oil


Berlin Global Olive Oil Award – Gold 2021

Taille / Poids

50 cl


Use sparingly. Be careful not to cook this olive oil


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