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If you’re looking for an exceptionally healthy oil, choose Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) that has been harvested when the olive is still green. The maximum chlorophyll present in unripe olives gives early harvest oil (Agoureleo in Greek) a verdant hue and makes it richer in healthy bioactive molecules such as oleocanthal and oleacein. Premium early harvest extra virgin olive oil.

Bitter and spicy sensations are positive characteristics of early harvest EVOOs, as they, along with the cough that occurs after swallowing the product, indicate the presence of polyphenols, extremely healthy natural antioxidants with anti-inflammatory compounds. In fact, the higher the burning sensation of bitter and spicy notes, the better the indication of phenolic dominance (although for cooking, many prefer fruitier EVOOs).


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Our Premium Early Harvest is an EVOO particularly rich in polyphenols, boasting just over 480 polyphenols per 20 grams of olive oil. It is well documented by the EFSA that the minimum quantity of polyphenols must exceed 250 polyphenols per 20g of product to be classified as High-Phenolic* on the market. It should be noted that most EVOOs (up to 95%) in the world contain less than 200 mg per 20g of product.

Organoleptic Characteristics:

  • The fruit is in its unripe form.
  • Olives harvested between the beginning of September and October 15 at the latest.
  • Very high polyphenolic content (up to 500 ml for 20g of product).
  • Filtered to the maximum, leaving no unwanted residue (scum or gossypol).

What to expect from this category:

  • Transparent, non-cloudy oil texture.
  • Bright but stable flavor.
  • Strong and clear aromas.
  • Momentary burning sensation (for 2 to 3 seconds after ingestion).
  • Ideal for more intense palates and for raw use on dishes, such as vegetables, legumes and meats, depending on preference.


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Glass bottle


Black, Green

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Akra Morea Olive Oil


Berlin Global Olive Oil Award – Gold 2021

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50 cl


Use sparingly. Be careful not to cook this olive oil

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