Olive field overlooking the sea and part of the Cretan peninsula, under a warm blue sky. Growy and Tasty Market offering authentic Greek products from local producers. / Field of olive trees overlooking the sea and part of the peninsula in Crete, under a warm blue sky. Growy and Tasty online marketplace offering authentic Greek products from local producers.

“Like a tree, Growy & Tasty was born from an idea that grew into something extraordinary.”

Imagine a world where everyone shares their discoveries to enrich the lives of all. At Growy and Tasty, that’s exactly what we do. Every day, we discover products of exceptional quality, and we are delighted to share them with you. 

In our current society, it is sometimes difficult to find authentic and artisanal products. This is why we decided to highlight the small, talented producers and artisans who work in the shadows to offer us treasures. Their work deserves to be recognized, and we are proud to give them a platform where their talent can shine. 

Because at Growy and Tasty, we don’t just sell products, we share stories, passions and experiences. 

Born after several years of reflection on the observation that small producers and artisans are unfortunately not always visible online these days, “Growy and Tasty” aims to help you rediscover the taste of natural products from small producers. Plus, we deliver directly to your home! 

And this time, we will be present alongside all these producers and artisans because we will be located directly in Greece, more precisely in Crete! 

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