Sun-dried tomato dough I 80 gr

Discover an innovative Greek product! The innovation lies in the process: we practice dehydration, one of the oldest preservation methods, instead of cooking the vegetables. Dehydration provides intense flavor using a very small amount and a very long shelf life without preservatives. Sun-dried tomato pâté can, for example, be accompanied with a full-bodied red wine. It also goes perfectly with wine, cocktails or spirits.


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EON vegetable pâtés are the first cold-pressed vegetable pâtés on the market, made with innovative dehydration methods from fresh Greek vegetables from the Macedonian land. The vegetable content exceeds 80%, which, after dehydration, is mixed with herbs and olive oil.

Using the dehydration method, we obtain an intense and concentrated flavor of fresh vegetables with very small quantities and a long shelf life without adding preservatives, while preserving the valuable nutritional value of fresh vegetables.

Pâtés can be used as a spread, on cheese or charcuterie platters, or as a base for other preparations, enhancing flavor in sauces, dips or as a garnish.

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1* – AFFA – Athens Fine Food Awards – 2021

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80 gr


As a base for a new sauce for pasta, risotto or salad, As an accompaniment to meat, fish or poultry., Use it on crackers or toast

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