"Cretan red clay, a natural wealth both for the skin and for art"

Cretan red clay has been a valuable natural resource for the Cretans for centuries. Used for both skin and art, this clay is rich in minerals and offers many benefits.

How to choose clay for the skin or for artistic creations?

Cretan red clay is known for its superior quality, but it is important to choose the right one for your needs. For use as a beauty product, it is recommended to opt for natural, unrefined clay. On the other hand, for artistic use, red clay can be selected according to texture and water content.

What are the benefits?

Red clay is rich in minerals such as iron, copper and magnesium, which are beneficial for the skin. It is known for its cleansing, exfoliating and toning properties. Used regularly, it can help reduce skin imperfections and improve elasticity.

In art, red clay is often used to create sculptures and pottery. It is also used as a natural pigment to color ceramics and paper.

How to use it and can it be cooked?

Red clay is a malleable material that can be shaped by hand or using machines. It can be air dried or baked in an oven for greater durability.

On the other hand, red clay is not intended for cooking. Indeed, it contains minerals and impurities which can be harmful to your health if ingested.

In short, Cretan red clay is a natural treasure that offers numerous benefits for the skin and a wide variety of artistic uses. Whether you want to use it for your beauty or for your creativity, always choose a quality clay for optimal results.

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