Rose Leaf Earrings for Women gold plated

Real rose leaf earrings are made from recycled sterling silver. This unique piece of art was made with real rose leaves and every delicate vein is visible.


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Roses are ancient symbols of Love and Beauty.

These earrings are polished to a shiny silver, gold plated finish. I apply a tarnish resistant varnish which keeps them shiny for many years (maybe forever – it depends on use).

If the world were a piece of jewelry, it would look like a piece of Mother Nature, because it is real flowers and plants but made of solid silver and gold. In a process that took me a year of daily failures, I managed to figure out how to cover plants with money. In 6 months I improved the technique significantly, and over the last 10 years I continue to improve. It is a rare and complex technique, which requires knowledge in different fields to master it. I should mention that I’m a film director (which helped me combine techniques) and apparently I’m quite persistent too. Perhaps these two elements combined allowed me to realize one of my many dreams. Mother Nature’s workshop has been in Athens since 2011. I love nature and art, and this is how I managed to combine these two loves. Through my work, I try to make the world and me a little happier. There is no better artist than our mother nature. So the designs come from nature, I just take care of the details to turn them into wearable jewelry.

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