Homemade almond aperitif biscuits I 250 gr

100% handmade with natural ingredients and pure local olive oil. From the mountain village “Agiasos” located on the Aegean island of Lesvos.


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Traditional almond cookies from the mountain village “Agiasos”.

Prepared and eaten in different ways, these cookies are a traditional product consumed throughout Greece.

They are made from bread that is kneaded into loaves, baked, sliced, and baked again. This process makes them more durable compared to bread.

In Lesvos, the most popular biscuits are prepared with the traditional methods of the village of Agiasos, or ‘Agiasotika’.

This truly brings Lesbos to your table.

Additional information

Weight 0,250 kg

Dry place


Aluminum bag


Brown, Brown

Ingrédients / composition

Pure local olive oil

Pays de production


Producteurs / Artisans


Taille / Poids

250 gr

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