Panoramic view of a Lesbos port with white houses, pleasure boats, and mountains in the background

Do you know everything about Lesbos? We explain all of this to you in our Growypedia through Growy and Tasty!


Panoramic view of Corfu coastline with sailboats

Corfu: a captivating Greek island combining culinary traditions and historical heritage


Mykonos seascape with White Houses

The island of Mykonos: an exquisite blend of flavors, history and culture


Panoramic view of Chania, Greece, showcasing its Venetian port, colorful houses and blue skies

Chania: a jewel of Crete combining tradition and modernity


Panoramic view of Rhodes harbor in Greece, featuring the famous lighthouse, harbor entrance, pleasure boats, town and castle, turquoise water and blue sky

Rhodes Island is one of the most popular destinations in Greece, located in the Aegean Sea


Aerial view of Kastellorizo, a Greek island with whitewashed houses and blue roofs, surrounded by turquoise water, blue sky, mountains and greenery

Although little known to tourists, this Greek island is full of quality local food and cosmetics, as well as a rich history and fascinating culture.


Photo of stunning view of Santorini with whitewashed houses, blue-domed chapel, clear blue sky, sparkling blue Aegean Sea and sailboats

Do you know everything about Santorini and this world-famous island? We explain all this to you in our Growy and Tasty Growypedia.


Thessaloniki cityscape with a cruise ship approaching the port, high-rise buildings lining the waterfront, a park with a tower and the city stretching into the distance, all under a clear blue sky with mountains in the background

Thessaloniki, the “queen of the north”.
A captivating and historic city located on the Thermaic Gulf.


Aerial view of the island of Crete, showing its mountains, valleys and coastline

The cradle of one of the oldest civilizations in Europe​

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