Photo of six raw anchovies on a navy blue background

“Small size fish but with a powerful taste”

If you are a food lover, chances are you have already tried anchovies. These small, salty fish are a popular ingredient in many cuisines around the world, bringing a unique umami flavor to many dishes.

How to choose anchovies?

When you buy anchovies, you have the choice between fresh anchovies and canned anchovies. Fresh anchovies are rare and often hard to find, but if you do find them, make sure they have a fresh sea scent and a firm texture. Canned anchovies, on the other hand, are much more common and can be found in most grocery stores. Higher quality anchovies are preserved in olive oil and have a firm texture, while cheaper anchovies are often preserved in salt and have a softer texture.

What are the contributions?

Anchovies are rich in protein, B vitamins, iron and omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential fatty acids that help maintain good heart and brain health. Anchovies are also a good source of calcium, which is important for maintaining strong bones.

How to use and cook it?

Anchovies are a versatile ingredient in cooking and can be used in many different ways. Canned anchovies can be crushed into a paste and added to a salad dressing for a salty, umami flavor. They can also be used to make sauces, such as the famous Italian puttanesca sauce, or added to pizzas and salads. Fresh anchovies can be grilled whole or added to seafood dishes for added flavor.

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