Orange artisanal dolmades I 230 gr

EON dolmades or Dumplings, are yalanji dolmades, homemade and artisanal, made from rice, baked and impregnated with the natural broth (olive oil, lemon, herbs) in which they are boiled.


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Their leaves, extremely soft and silky, are picked by hand in May. Their main feature is the use of fresh herbs and a generous dose of freshly squeezed lemon. Dolmadaki are prepared with special care and love, according to an old traditional recipe, in large pans in the oven. We use the lemon oil in which they are cooked as a natural preservative, while preserving their moisture and freshness, as when cooking them. They can be enjoyed hot or cold and represent the very essence of traditional Greek meze.

Yalanji dolmades are a nutritious alternative for an appetizer or main course, as they are low in calories, low in fat and salt. On the other hand, their richness in plant fibers, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants contribute to the proper functioning of the body.

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1* Great Taste Award 2016 – 2019, Distinction at AFFA – Athens Fine Food Awars

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230 gr

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