iNTEA Gift Box | Pack of 40 pyramid tea bags

Now find all the beneficial properties for health, well-being and beauty of INTEA functional teas in a single gift box! Order an original and useful gift to take care of your body in a holistic way. Each pack contains 5 features in 40 individually wrapped pyramid tea bags.


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MONT OLYMPE GREEK TEA PLUS ASTRAGAL Contributes to the activation and invigoration of the immune system.

MONT OLYMPE GREEK TEA PLUS NETTLE Contributes to the invigoration of the body.

MONT OLYMPE GREEK TEA PLUS MÉLISSA Contributes to relaxation and the reduction of anxiety.

MONT OLYMPE TEA GREEK PLUS RESVERATROL Contributes to the revitalization and protection of the skin.

MONT OLYMPE GREEK PLUS CASSIA TEA Contributes to increasing metabolism.

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40 capsules

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