Box of traditional liqueurs – Castanelli I 2x 40 ml

Traditional Greek liqueur from the distillation of Ouzo (from the village of Plomari-Lesvos), chestnut and honey. (Box of 2 bottles x 40 ml)


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The Giannatsi distillery, based in Lesvos, wanted to promote the products of the Aegean island of Lesbos by producing castanelli liqueur, from chestnuts produced in the region of Agiasos, a small mountain village in the center of the island. The chestnut core is bathed in ouzo from the village of Plomari, and honey from our island is added last. Immediately afterwards, they are distilled to produce liqueurs. After distillation, they remain in stainless steel tanks until bottling. Brilliant to the eye, with an attractive color and an intense aromatic profile.

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Weight 0,450 kg

Dry place


Cardboard box


Brown, Brown

Ingrédients / composition

Chestnut, Honey

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Producteurs / Artisans


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2x 40 ml

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