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Producer of olive oil, honey and pâté

Antheon 72, Thessaloniki 570 19, Greece

Food is our fuel, whatever the task at hand, and our company, Select Flavors M.I.K.E., based in Thessaloniki, emphasizes healthy eating. As a strong advocate of healthy eating, as a former rhythmic gymnastics champion, coach, judge and now mother of two, I have always looked for the healthiest, simple, nutritious and functional foods to nourish my body before and after training or competition. Until all the elements came together and created the EON (eternity) flavors to promote health and well-being through healthy eating, while providing an unforgettable taste experience to anyone who has the opportunity to savor them. Ethical production, respect for the natural environment and humanity, responsible preparation with excellent ingredients, without preservatives, and honesty towards the consumer are the basic principles of the philosophy that guides us. Our products meet today’s real food needs, providing quality solutions for foodservice, retail and tourism. What sets us apart is the ethical production, high quality of raw materials and nutritional value that we offer through strict selection and methodology.

Logo de EON, représentant un design abstrait. Découvrez les créations uniques de EON sur Growy and Tasty, le marché en ligne de producteurs grecs.
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