Do you know all the benefits and history of Tsikoudia? We explain everything about Tsikoudia in our Growypedia!

The Tarama

Photo of Taramaalata, Bread spread with toasted cereals, lemon wedge and black olives on a wooden board

Do you know all the benefits and history of tarama? We explain everything about the tarama in our Growypedia!


Kouzoulo Premium Ouzo Bottle Lomari Barbayanni 70cl

Ouzo, this typical Greek alcoholic drink, is appreciated for its aniseed taste and its refreshing character. Find out everything you need to know about this iconic drink and its manufacturing secrets.

Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt with mint in a wooden bowl

A delicious and healthy dairy product. Greek yogurt is an iconic dairy product from Greece, known for its smooth and creamy taste.

The tapenade

Photo of a small white bowl of tapenade with a wooden spoon, next to a knife and three slices of French baguette bread, on a table with a bottle of olive oil in the background

Tapenade is a typical condiment of Mediterranean cuisine, originating from Provence in France but also present in Greece and Crete.

The feta

Greek feta cheese cubes in wooden bowl with rosemary and herbs on white background

Feta is one of the most emblematic products of Greek and Cretan cuisine.

The bronze

Panoramic view of Corfu coastline with sailboats

“Bronze in Greece, symbol of beauty and art”

The soap

Photo of two pieces of Greek handmade brown soap stacked on top of each other on a black background

Did you know that Greece and Crete have a long tradition of handmade soap making?

Greek salt

Photo en gros plan de sel de mer grec sur un plateau en bois, situé sur un gros rocher sur une plage avec la mer, les vagues, les montagnes et le ciel bleu en arrière-plan

Small Greek and Cretan salt producers: a culinary tradition to discover!


Photo of fresh figs on a wooden table, one cut in half to reveal its flesh and seeds, with another fig in the background

A fruit that offers a multitude of health benefits and can be enjoyed in multiple ways

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