Natural soy wax candle – Meditation I 450 gr

Natural soy wax with essential oils of Cedar, Frankincense and Sandalwood. Each ingredient has a long tradition throughout the world and as a religious incense regardless of dogma. The balanced combination of three ingredients in one fragrance offers warmth to the soul, creating an atmosphere conducive to meditation.


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Essential oils “A spark of well-being.” Essential oils can affect us in many ways. Inhaling delicate scented air can stimulate or revitalize, give a feeling of calm or create a desirable ambiance. We will let you discover the aromatic nuances that will be a spark of well-being for you.

Greek natural product handmade by Electra’s secret from the Aegean island of Lesvos.

Additional information

Weight0,450 kg

Dry place


Glass jar, Cardboard box


Beige, White

Ingrédients / composition

Cedar, Olive oil, Santal

Pays de production


Producteurs / Artisans


Taille / Poids

450 gr

Growy and Tasty

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