Gift box of Greek products

Offer a taste journey to your loved ones with our gift box of Greek products! Carefully packaged in an elegant cardboard box, this box includes an exquisite selection of authentic flavors. Experience the unmistakable taste of Greece with a bottle of quality vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, fragrant oregano and aromatic marjoram. A perfect gift for those who appreciate Mediterranean culinary pleasures.


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Immerse yourself in the delights of Greek cuisine with our magnificent Greek produce gift set. Packaged with love in a sturdy cardboard box, this box contains an exquisite selection of authentic products to awaken the taste buds and delight the senses. Discover the richness of Mediterranean flavors with a bottle of artisanal vinegar, to add a tangy touch to your dishes, and extra virgin olive oil, to enhance your salads and stews. Add a note of authenticity with fragrant oregano, perfect for seasoning your meats and vegetables, as well as aromatic marjoram, to enrich your sauces and marinades. Offer your loved ones an unforgettable culinary experience with this gift box of Greek products, a true taste journey to the heart of the Mediterranean.

Additional information

Weight0,350 kg

Dry place


Cardboard box


Beige, Brown, Red, Green

Ingrédients / composition

Extra virgin olive oil, Marjoram, Oregan, Wine vinegar

Pays de production


Producteurs / Artisans


Taille / Poids

350 gr

Growy and Tasty

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