Gift box of 60 espresso coffee capsules, Nespresso compatible

Now all the beneficial properties for health, well-being and beauty of iNCAFE espresso coffee are in one gift pack! Order an original and useful gift for complete body care.

Each pack contains the 4 iNCAFE features in 60 capsules compatible with Nespresso®* machines.


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The package includes a collection of all the beneficial features in a luxurious acrylic cased version! This pack contains:

iNCAFE SLIM with Turmeric, for metabolism and weight regulation

iNCAFE SKIN with Collagen, for skin care “from the inside”, because the collagen contained in the form of a drink in coffee is much more effective in renewing our skin.

iNCAFE FOCUS with Ginkgo biloba, to contribute to concentration and improve memory.

iNCAFE CHILL with CBD, to help relax and reduce stress.

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60 capsules

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