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Aakra Morea Olive Oil

Olive oil producer

Monemvasia Lakonia 23070 Greece

We are a small, exclusive family business located in the fertile lands of Monemvasia Lakonia in Greece. We produce only a distinctive class of premium extra virgin olive oil. The caliber of our products is controlled from cultivation to extraction. By owning our certified private olive groves, using the best Italian TEM crushing machines as well as a bottling unit on our own premises, we ensure to have:

• Strict use of organic and composted fertilizers

• Early picking of fruits while they are still green (within regulated assigned schedules)

• Innovative fruit harvesting methods (hand picking, refrigerated transport, use of plastic crates vs canvas bags, crushing olives within 3 hours)

• Cold oil extraction (less than 24°C)

• Filtration maximized to the highest possible level (clarifying water, solids and other suspended particles ensuring longevity as well as superior quality)

• Olive oils with a high phenol content but fully flavored in absolute harmony

Logo Akra Morea sur fond beige avec texte vert et éléments naturels
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