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The Revival of Skincare from Ancient Greece

Drawing inspiration from the ancient Greek term meaning “heart”, Kear is the brand that invites you to embrace the art of well-being. Our premium range of natural, ethically sourced and clean skincare harnesses powerful herbs and essential oils combined with ancient Greek formulas that span the ages. From non-toxic balms and oils to plant-based soaps and shampoo bars, our beautiful skincare will nourish your body from head to toe. Get balanced, healthy, glowing skin with our comprehensive skin care and wellness treatments. Our affirmation? Offering you an experience and not just a product!


“Here at Kear, we love Nature, so we source our ingredients from local farms and cooperatives, produce our skincare exclusively in Greece, and don’t restrict it to any specific needs, skin tone, or gender.”

OUR PHILOSOPHY [ φῐλοσοφῐᾱ ]


Kear brings old cosmetic skin care formulas back to life. We combine the modern need for versatility and power with the rich beauty heritage of ancient Greece to create timeless natural skincare suitable for everyone. We welcome everyone – our historic formulas do not discriminate.

ETHICS [ἦθος]

We focus on beauty minimalism, or “less is more,” an approach encouraged by the ancient Greeks who favored versatile, effective beauty products blended with natural and plant-based ingredients.

EUPHORIA & HARMONY [εὐφορία & ἁρμονία]

In addition to providing natural protection and care to our skin, κέᾰρ’s natural cosmetics also keep our well-being in balance. In other words, reconnect with Nature and its energy, a need that has arisen with the pandemic.

OUR COSMOS [ κόσμος ]

Adopting authentic natural ingredients and fragrances, each Kear product embodies the vibrant culture of Greece while touting its effectiveness.

EPILOGUE [ ἐπίλογος ]

κέᾰρ® has succeeded in creating products that advocate a natural approach while considering the needs of your skin. Our honest, clean skincare targets multiple skin concerns, reducing the demand for additional packaging and waste. The result ? A decluttered skincare cabinet for clearer, healthier, more radiant skin.

Jar of Kear Life anti-aging face balm
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