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Karellas, Nomarchía Anatolikís Attikís, Greece

iNBEVERAGES is a Greek company created with the vision of producing drinks that make us feel good, naturally, easily and effectively. As the “iΝ” (Intelligent Nutrition) in our name indicates, we create intelligent drinks that integrate the beneficial properties of traditional medicinal herbs and other natural ingredients into our daily lives.

The modern lifestyle is so demanding that we often tend to neglect ourselves. At iNBEVERAGES, our goal is to take care of ourselves. In a simple and pleasant way, like a cup of coffee or tea, we regenerate our body and mind every moment. Through a large collection of products that do us good, we help ourselves find our balance.

Our products are based on medicinal herbs and other natural ingredients with scientifically proven beneficial effects. We carefully select and manage them in a natural way. We have created the philosophy of intelligent nutrition, from the first to the last stage of our production, by combining millennia of tradition with scientific knowledge and advanced technology.

Our products are part of our daily diet. As Hippocrates said, “Let thy food be thy medicine, and let thy medicine be thy food.”

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