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Arta, Greece

The first bee pollen to be sold as organic in Greece, Ebion’s raw, unheated, wild-harvested bee pollen, brought to you by Nikos Ouranos and his family of beekeepers working in the mountains of Arta in Greece.

By having a daily collection method from random mountain hives, Evion bee pollen is extremely biodiverse and collected with minimal humidity. That’s what makes it so perfect. Bee pollen is a product whose provenance can rarely be guaranteed, but Ebion is globally recognized for having the highest standards in beekeeping.

Ebion practices nomadic beekeeping by moving hives and attracting pollen from wild bees. The ancient Greeks revered the therapeutic properties of bee pollen and passed their knowledge down from generation to generation in Ebion. This is why collection and packaging follow a very strict procedure that involves cleaning and storing bee pollen in its raw state. These Greek mountain bees have access to more flowers, grasses and ancient trees than bees in any other region, making them the hardiest bee pollen in the world.

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