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Nafpaktia 300 14, Greece

We are the Potamitis family, who love creating unique flavors with products without preservatives or sugar, which we harvest from our wider region.

We are located at the Pinakades farm, where we produce our products. We make special jams, standardized peanut puree, tahini and honey.

Our farm is located in the village of Trikorfo Nafpaktia and extends over an area of ​​84 acres, next to the Evinos River, in rare natural beauty.

We stand out because we make artisan jams from whole, hand-cut fruits and have chosen to make our products with only natural sugars, no added sugar, other sweeteners or preservatives. Their sweet taste comes only from fruits and fruit juice, and their processing is carried out in a factory equipped with the latest technological production line, respectful of the environment. We manage all raw materials under gentle heating conditions, in order to preserve the color and taste of the fruit in the best possible conditions.

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