Horse statue in gold-plated bronze

It is part of Mother Nature’s new limited collection. For easier use, you can use it as a clipboard.


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This minimalist statue represents a horse, in a contemporary and minimalist way, inspired by the Cycladic statues of ancient Greece. The horse is a symbol of power, grace, beauty, freedom, nobility and strength.

This new CNC collection gives a modern twist to Mother Nature. The CNC Collection focuses on the major landmarks of our lives, our culture, our feelings and the things that define who we are. In this collection you will find simple and minimalist designs, with symbols of our life, museum pieces, historical figures and everyday moments. Inspiringly, this collection evokes modern man – the man-made nature that surrounds our lives, the newly created natural habitat of today’s society.

You can use it as a simple decoration, a small centerpiece or party/wedding favors! For easier use, you can use it as a clipboard.

Marble dimensions: 5x5x2 cm or 1.96×1.96×0.78 inches Statue dimensions: 5.8 cm x 5.5 cm x 1 mm

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Dimensions 5,5 × 1 × 5,8 cm

Dry place


Cardboard box



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Producteurs / Artisans

Mother Nature Jewelry

Taille / Poids

5,8 cm x 5,5 cm x 1 mm

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